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Considering Toronto reputation management services? Reputation management may sound like something that high school kids work really hard at, or something that PR specialists do when a politician or celebrity makes a big mistake. But in the world of SEO and inbound marketing, reputation management is all about making sure that your website is a trusted source of information, and that your business is perceived as a respectable establishment.

Toronto Reputation ManagementThe trick with reputation management in Toronto, however, is that people can say whatever they want about your company whenever they want to, and you can’t stop them or control where they say it. Reputation management services help to ensure that no matter what happens, your business retains its high standing.

A Toronto Reputation Management Strategy Is Essential

When it comes to your online reputation, if you’re not doing something to build and protect it, then you could be losing potential customers before you even make first contact. Imagine if a potential customer hears about your product or service and goes looking for information, and finds nothing but negative reviews and misinformation.

Social media, sharing, and online customer engagement are crucial strategies in inbound marketing, but this level of online interaction also leaves you open to things like negative reviews, bad media coverage, and criticism. Reputation management is a two-part project: leveraging positive chatter and mitigating negativity.

To help reduce the impact of negative reviews or criticism, we can help you remove disingenuous reviews, and come up with an SEO strategy that will get positive and true information to the top of the search page. Maintaining your online reputation could be a full-time job, but we can help you build and maintain that reputation with minimal effort.

Building and Protecting your Online Reputation

While managing negativity is an important part of reputation management, building a positive and respected reputation is arguably even more vital, because it’s like a pre-emptive strike against bad buzz (as the old adage goes, the best defense is a good offense). As long as you’ve built a good reputation for yourself, a few negative reviews here and there won’t make a dent. To build your good reputation, we’ll use a variety of tactics, including:

  • Leveraging positive reviews and sharing or reposting them on your website, blog, and social media
  • Encouraging satisfied customers to leave more positive feedback
  • Getting your business in all the directories so that your name becomes a household one
  • Monitoring social media for conversations involving you
  • Being transparent and open with critics, and responding to criticism politely and quickly
  • Using criticism to improve your products, services, business practices, and customer service

Toronto Reputation management is about proactively building and maintaining your reputation, making sure that most of the information that’s out there is positive and accurate, and ensuring that prospects who research your company find nothing but positive and reassuring information. While you can’t control what people say about you, reputation management services can build and protect your positive reputation, which is the best defense. Get your free reputation management audit and consultation today.

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