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Are you searching for an Toronto inbound marketing firm?  Inbound marketing is the future of digital marketing, and even if you don’t know what it is, we can still help you attract prospects, turn prospects into leads, and drive growth using this modern marketing technique. Also referred to as honeypot marketing, inbound can be thought of as a hands-off approach, because instead of you going out in search of prospects who might be interested in what you have to offer, inbound strategies bring the right customers directly to your door.

Toronto Inbound MarketingMoving Away from Traditional Marketing Tactics

Inbound marketing is an alternative to traditional outbound, or interruptive, marketing methods. Traditional marketing involves things like television ads, radio spots, and billboards that advertise a specific product or service to anybody who’s watching the right channel at the right time, listening to their favourite radio show, or driving down the highway. Interruptive techniques are so-called because they intrude on the audience and bombard them with marketing messages.

The problem with this type of marketing is that it’s becoming less and less effective, because the Internet has forever changed consumer habits. Whereas marketers used to control the information that was given to consumers, today’s savvy online shoppers can do all the research they want to find out about the products and services they’re interested in. Everything else gets tuned out. And that’s where inbound marketing comes in: it helps customers find you when they’re ready, so the great thing about inbound is that potential customers you encounter have already qualified themselves as viable leads.

Key Tools: Toronto Inbound Marketing Made Easy

Inbound marketing is a complex strategy that involves a variety of different marketing techniques, including:

  • Your website is the cornerstone of inbound marketing, but it must be optimized properly in order to rank well in searches by people who are looking for you
  • Pay per click advertising that targets only people who are similar to your ideal customers and who are looking for what you have to offer
  • Social media is another great way to locate and engage with your ideal customers and people just like them
  • Email marketing, which helps you target people who have been to your site, past customers, and others who have already made first contact with your company
  • Content marketing is the thread that binds all of these other elements, because it’s the optimized content (blogs, webpages, infographics, emails, articles, and more) that will bring people to your site, that people will share on social media, and that will draw in prospects

While all of this may sound complicated, Toronto SEO for Growth will be your inbound marketing partner. We’ll create an inbound strategy tailored to your needs, implement the different components of the strategy, and create a daily routine that’ll maximize your exposure on all channels. We’ll also use marketing automation to help you execute your daily duties more efficiently, leaving you more time to attend to the qualified prospects that find you thanks to your inbound efforts.


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