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Anybody who’s ever dabbled in website optimization will know that content is still the reigning champ of SEO. However, it’s no longer sufficient to churn out boring, trite, and keyword-stuffed content, and content today must be engaging and high quality. The thing is, creating content like that on a regular basis takes time, effort, and skill that not all businesses have. But don’t worry—that doesn’t mean you can’t reap all the benefits that SEO has to offer, because our Toronto content marketing services can take care of all the content creation you need to engage your audience, expand your reach, and increase business.

Toronto Content MarketingLearning About Your Audience

If your business was selling novelty pet clothes to dog and cat owners, do you think your customers would be interested in reading a blog about homemade wine making? You might find a few keen eyes in the bunch, but you’d probably have a lot more success piquing your customer’s’ interest if you wrote about common pet allergies or the importance of pet sun-protection. And that’s what it means to know your audience, and we’ll do all the research and legwork to define your audience, determine who your ideal customers are, discover their likes, dislikes, and interests, and come up with content that will speak directly to them.

Toronto Content Marketing that Speaks Volumes

Targeted content is content written with the interests and needs of your audience in mind. Going back to the pet clothes example, targeted content will not only thrill your existing pet-loving customers, but it will also help other devoted pet owners discover you when they go looking for information about Mittens’ salmon allergy or Fido’s sunburn. That’s the job of quality content: to engage your current audience and bring interested prospects right to your website’s doorstep.

Sharing Quality Content Widely on All Platforms

Once we know who your audience is, we’ll create and curate some great content that will have an impact. There’s a catch, however, because poorly written content will have a negative effect on your rankings, and in order to boost rankings, content must be:

  • Relevant to your audience
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Shareable
  • Authoritative
  • High-quality (well-written, free of errors)
  • Accurate

Content like this takes time that you probably don’t have, and that’s why we’ll worry about the creation, so that you can focus on other things. And since great content is only worthwhile if it reaches your audience, we’ll also take care of sharing the content through blogs, social media, guest blogs, press releases, emails, and on many other platforms to maximize your exposure.

One of the best resources for content is what you already have in the library, and we can help you audit your current content to find stories that can be refreshed and reused. This will accelerate your content production cycle, and kick your content marketing strategy into high gear. To find out more about how content can revolutionize your marketing efforts, contact us to get your free content consultation today!

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